Gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Gas chromatography mass spectrometryGC-MS3200

Product introduction£º
Gc-ms3200 gas chromatography mass spectrometer can provide the fastest analysis speed and the highest resolution, while maintaining the system low pressure to the greatest extent. The product can accurately separate dibutyl phthalate (DBP), di (2-ethyl) hexyl phthalate (DEHP), butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP), diisobutyl phthalate (DiBP) and other substances.

Technical specifications

GC-MS 3200 Gas chromatography mass spectrometry 1.Basic parameters£º
1.1 mass quantity range: 1.5 ~ 1024amu < br / > 1.2 detection limit: 1Pg octafluoronaphthalene < br / > 1.3 scanning speed: adjustable in the whole process, up to 10000amu / sec < br / > 1.4 ion source: standard configuration EI electron bombardment source, independent heating system 120 ~ 350 ¡æ < br / > 1.5 detector: electronic multiplier with high voltage conversion stage
2.Host configuration£º
Gas phase host: capillary split / non split injection system, fully automatic rear door opening, over temperature protection, ten step lift, Ms capillary connection and temperature control system< br /> Mass spectrometry host: ionization source, four-stage rod mass analyzer, high-voltage conversion electron multiplier, vacuum pump, turbomolecular pump, mass spectrometry tuning control unit, imported high and low vacuum meter < br / > All Chinese control system
Data control software MS 3200rt data acquisition and processing software
Chromatographic column Capillary column for mass spectrometry
Brand computer Founder, 2G, 500g, 19 inch LCD
Brand printer Brother, black and white laser printer
Spare parts box Spare parts and special tools


Mass spectrometry system
Mass number range£º1.5¡«1024 amu
Resolution: resolution per unit mass
Sensitivity: EI source 1Pg octafluoronaphthalene s / N > 100:1 (full scan); PCI source 100PG benzophenone (BZP) s / N ¡Ý 100:1 (methane gas)
Scanning speed: adjustable in the whole process, up to 10000U / S (digital scanning, step size 0.1U)
Quality accuracy£º¡À0.2u
Quality stability£º¡À0.10u/48h
Ion source: electron bombardment source, inert anti pollution, ion source multi-point heating system to ensure the minimum temperature gradient in the working area of ion source, make the analysis state more stable, and reduce the directional fouling effect of pollutants caused by temperature blind spots; The unique alloy filament has a long service life, double filament; Independent heating system, accurate temperature control of 150 ~ 320 ¡æ, chemical ionization source and related interfaces can be provided according to customer requirements.
Electronic energy: 5-150ev, program adjustable
Emission current: 10-350 ¦Ì A program adjustable
Quadrupole: metal molybdenum quadrupole mass analyzer (patent numbers 200710121744.9 and 200620134010.5)
Detector: electron multiplier with - 10000v high energy dynode
GC / MS interface: directly connected to capillary column, independent temperature control, 100 ~ 350 ¡æ adjustable
Front stage amplifier with automatic gain function
High stability high voltage RF module
It can be equipped with a direct injection rod for rapid qualitative analysis of solid or liquid samples
Instrument auto / manual tuning
The front stage pump adopts 180L / min mechanical pump, and the high vacuum adopts imported 250L / s turbomolecular pump
The vacuum gauge is a cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge with detection range 1.0¡Á10 -5 -1¡Á10 2 Pa
It has full scan (scan) and selective ion scan£¨SIM£©
Up to 128 groups can be selected for ion monitoring mode (SIM)
The maximum time of full scan mode (scan) can reach 200Min
Reasonable host structure design can not only save your space, but also facilitate internal maintenance and nursing
For vacuum pump systems of different specifications, we can configure economical and reasonable vacuum pump combinations according to your actual analysis needs
Ideal analytical sensitivity to meet most trace detection The optimized design structure of the analyzer can be easily upgraded to a chemical ionizer source without replacing too many parts. The standard quadrupole analyzer ensures the acquisition of accurate spectrum
The invention discloses a quartz quadrupole device, an assembly method and an assembly feeler gauge thereof
It has the function of vacuum leakage inspection
Safety interlock function: pump power, shaft temperature, ion source temperature, transmission line temperature, column temperature box temperature, high voltage output module, filament and detector protection
Chromatographic system
The chromatography has an electronic flow control unit (EPC)
Temperature heater of column box temperature control room5¡æ¡«400¡æ
The column box can be set with ten steps of programmed temperature rise
Temperature control of injection port50¡æ¡«400¡æ
Split / non split injection port, fully automatic gas path system
GC / MS capillary connection device
Large screen LCD
Full automatic rear door opening, overtemperature protection device, carrier gas pressure loss protection
Temperature stability¡À0.03¡æ
Maximum running time£º999.99min
Data system
Dedicated all Chinese Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000, compatible with windows7 system platform
The mass spectrometry workstation can be tuned automatically / manually
Instrument fault remote diagnosis, vacuum fault instantaneous protection and electrical overload protection, etc
The powerful processing ability can complete the qualitative and integral of the spectrum in a few seconds, and output a complete qualitative information report
NIST, Wiley and other internationally recognized standard spectrum libraries are selected
The convenient snap one button function makes the data conversion of data processing part and real-time acquisition part more convenient
Diversified quantitative methods, including external standard method, internal standard method, normalization method, etc. tic, MC and Mic can be set arbitrarily to meet the quantitative requirements of different target spectra
A variety of search programs are suitable for different analysis work contents
The software is available in Chinese and English, ms3200rt GC-MS real-time analysis workstation and ms3200 mass spectrometer data processing system
Built in oil analysis software toolkit

Application area

Textile industry

Textile testing, such as banned azo dyes, chlorophenol testing, etc

Agricultural food safety

Detect additives in food, plasticizers in food, pesticide residues, etc

Flavor and fragrance industry

Cosmetic testing, such as dioxane

Electronic industry

Such as detection of polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers

Environmental protection industry

Analysis of organic pollutants in the environment (analysis of pollution in air, water quality and soil)

Other industries

For example, it is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry and other fields

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