Rohs2.0 special thermal

Rohs2.0 special thermalPY-GC5618

Product introduction:
rohs2.0 at a high temperature of 200 ℃ - 450 ℃ through programmed temperature rise thermal analysis and high temperature cracking, and then enters the gas chromatograph for quantitative detection in batches according to different temperatures. The minimum detection limit of this method is 15ppm.

Product features

Thin provisioning The gas chromatograph adopts advanced 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet communication interface and built-in IP protocol stack, so that the instrument can easily realize long-distance data transmission through internal LAN and Internet; It facilitates the erection of the laboratory, simplifies the configuration of the laboratory and facilitates the management of analytical data;
Three independent connection processes are designed inside the instrument, which can be connected to the local processing (laboratory site), so that the unit supervisor and superior supervisor can easily monitor the operation of the instrument and analyze the data results in real time;
Cost reduction The netchromtm workstation equipped with the instrument can support the work of multiple chromatographs at the same time, realize data processing and anti control, simplify document management, and reduce the user's laboratory investment and operation cost to the greatest extent;
Comprehensive system The instrument can be connected to the manufacturer through the Internet to realize remote diagnosis, remote program update, etc. (user permission is required);
The instrument is equipped with a 5.7-inch true color display screen with clear display, elegant tone and high-end atmosphere;
The system has two sets of operating systems in Chinese and English, which can be switched freely. The randomly equipped workstation is suitable for Chinese and English WinXP, WIN2000, win7, win10 and other operating systems;
The temperature control area can be freely named by the user to facilitate the use of the user;
The instrument adopts modular structure design, which has clear design, convenient replacement and upgrading, and protects the effectiveness of investment;
The new microcomputer temperature control system has high temperature control accuracy, excellent reliability and anti-interference performance; It has six completely independent temperature control systems, which can realize sixteenth order programmed temperature rise, so that the equipment can be competent for a wider range of sample analysis; With column box automatic rear door opening system, the low temperature control accuracy is improved and the rise / drop speed is faster;
The instrument can be equipped with advanced electronic flow controller (EFC) and electronic pressure controller (EPC) to realize the digital control of gas path, which can greatly improve the reproducibility of stable and quantitative results;
The chromatograph has built-in 24 bit AD circuit with low noise and high resolution, and has the functions of baseline storage and baseline deduction;
The chromatographic system has Modbus / TCP standard interface, which can be easily connected with DCS;

Technical specifications

* Gas chromatograph(220V,50Hz)
* 6-way heating system
* 10 file Libraries
* 16 step temperature programmed column box
* 5.7-inch true color screen display function, easy to operate. Chinese and English can be switched freely
Host and detector parameters
Power Supply:220V±10%(50Hz ±0.5Hz)
Ambient temperature:-5℃~35℃
Relative humidity:≤85%
Detection limit:≤3×10-12g/s
Baseline noise:≤5×10-14A
Baseline drift:≤2×10-13 A/30min
Other parameters
Clamp wire (clamp belt) temperature range Room temperature + 5 ~ 600 ℃, set in increments of 1 ℃
Temperature range of cracking tank Room temperature + 5 ~ 400 ℃, set at 1 ℃ increment
Set the calibration base value of clamp wire (Platinum strip) ±200℃,Set at 1 ℃ increment
Quartz tube cleaning temperature 1400℃,For 5 seconds
Cracking temperature control time 0.01S~9999S,Set at 0.01s
Cracking temperature control rate Off gear;20℃/ms~0.01℃/ms

Application area

Common organic matter detection of products

Four items of phthalic acid (DBP BBP DEHP DiBP) for rohs2.0 and five new restrictions on hazardous substances since March 8, 2021 of TSCA act of the United States:
1、Deca BDE(DecaBDE),
2、Phenol, isopropyl phosphate(3:1)(PIP(3:1))
3、2,4,6 -三(tert butyl) phenol(2,4,6-TTBP),
4、Hexachlorobutadiene(HCBD) 5、Pentachlorophenylthiophenol(PCTP) The products are widely used in petrochemical industry, organic chemistry, biomedicine, polymer chemistry, geological exploration, environmental protection and other fields


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