EHM-6618Atmospheric monitoring

Product introduction£º

Atmospheric heavy metal on-line analyzer is a dual function fully automatic on-line analysis instrument, which combines X-ray fluorescence (XRF) non-destructive testing technology, beta ray absorption testing technology and air particulate matter automatic enrichment technology, and conforms to the American EPA io-3.3 standard method. It can not only monitor the mass concentration of air particles, but also quantitatively analyze the elements in the particles.

The instrument has a detection limit of 10pg / m3, which can be widely used in air quality monitoring, pollution tracing and source analysis, environmental assessment and other fields.

Product features

  • Strong technology

    The integrated collaborative measurement of mass concentration and heavy metal concentration of airborne particulate matter can analyze the distribution of components in airborne particulate matter

  • Excellent technology

    Equipped with a variety of particle cutters for users to choose, the distribution of heavy metal particles in different dynamic diameters can be measured

  • Efficient

    The detection sensitivity of 30 heavy metals such as Pb, CD, Cr and as is pg / m3, and the element types can be expanded

  • Good service

    The main machine adopts standard 19 "chassis, which can be installed on both mobile monitoring vehicle and standard cabinet of automatic air station

  • Strong design

    20 years of XRF technology accumulation, lightning protection industrial grade electronic and electrical design, the instrument has high operation reliability and stability, 24 hours / 365 days trouble free operation, but also has intelligent fault diagnosis and self troubleshooting function

  • Excellent operation

    No stray peak optical path design, built-in multi band filter, automatic switching to achieve low background measurement

  • Strong technology

    Built in calibration module, XRF spectrum abscissa and ordinate can be automatically calibrated at the same time, the calibration frequency can be set arbitrarily, and a specific metal internal standard source is built in, which can realize automatic quality control and alarm

  • Fast

    Through the mass flow controller and temperature and pressure sensors, the sampling flow can be stably controlled, and the automatic flow calibration can be realized

  • Efficient

    With RS232 / 485, USB, GPRS, ADSL, Ethernet and other data transmission modes, it can realize the remote transmission, monitoring and inspection of operation parameters, status and data

  • Efficient

    The system software adopts advanced hierarchical modular design, with powerful and flexible data setting, calibration, saving, display, query, analysis, transmission and other functions. The data conforms to the data transmission standard of online automatic monitoring (monitoring) system for pollution sources (HJ / T 212-2005). At the same time, users can quickly and easily customize and expand any other custom functions

  • Efficient

    Professional multiple processing, no radiation leakage of the instrument

Technical specifications

Monitoring index Tsp / PM10 / PM2.5 mass concentration, and can simultaneously monitor Pb (lead), CD (cadmium), Hg (mercury), as (arsenic), Cr (chromium), Cu (copper), Zn (zinc), Ni (nickel), BA (barium), Fe (iron), Ag (silver), Se (selenium), Br (bromine), te (tellurium), Sb (antimony), Sn (TIN), Ti (titanium), CO (cobalt), Mn (manganese), Pd (palladium), SC (scandium), etc Mo (molybdenum), V (vanadium), CS (cesium), GA (gallium), Ca (calcium), K (potassium), Sr (strontium), Cl (chlorine) and other 30 elements (other elements can be expanded according to the subsequent needs of users)
Applicable standards HM£ºUS EPA IO-3.3 Standard method¡¶Determination of heavy metals in environmental particles by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry¡·
PM£º¡¶Technical requirements and detection methods for continuous monitoring system of ambient air particles (PM10 and PM2.5)¡·
Measuring range HM£º0¡«100 ¦Ìg/m3
PM£º0¡«10 mg/m3
Low detection limit HM£º10 pg / m3 (sampling time 4 hours, flow rate 16.7 L / min)
PM£º<0.5 ¦Ìg/m3(24-hour average)
Accuracy HM: & lt; 15% (Pb, compared with the national standard laboratory method, the sampling time is more than 1 hour) < br / > PM: ¡À 5 ¦Ì g / m3 (within 24 hours)
Protect M: Multiple X-ray radiation protection device, the radiation dose is less than 2.5 ¦Ì Gy / h (5 cm away from the chassis); the X-ray tube is automatically closed when the instrument door is opened to protect personnel
PM: the ionizing radiation inside the instrument is close to the air background value
Operation mode Continuous automatic monitoring, a year of trouble free operation, and fault self recovery function
Control mode Computer control, self diagnosis and setting function, real-time state monitoring function, and can store more than ten years of monitoring data
Operation interface Chinese or English operation interface, touch screen operation, display real-time sampling flow, sampling time, measurement status, heavy metal concentration value (standard status or non-standard status can be selected), content curve and other information
Installation method Installation of standard cabinet in fixed station building or mobile vehicle mounted installation

Application area

Ehm-6618 can continuously measure and analyze the mass concentration of various particles and heavy metals in the air, and has the following applications: 1. Air quality monitoring 2. Characteristic analysis of air particles 3. Air background measurement 4. Environmental assessment and licensing 5. Pollution source location and traceability 6. Pollution prediction and early warning

Air quality monitoring
Air quality monitoring
Characteristic analysis of air particulate matter
Characteristic analysis of air particulate matter
Air background measurement
Air background measurement
Environmental assessment and licensing
Environmental assessment and licensing
Location and traceability of pollution sources
Location and traceability of pollution sources
Pollution prediction and early warning
Pollution prediction and early warning

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