WAOL-7718Water quality environmental analyzer

Product introduction£º
Based on the national standard analysis method, the online water quality heavy metal analyzer has low sample and reagent consumption and high degree of automation, and can automatically monitor the total zinc, total cadmium, total lead, total nickel, total iron, total chromium and total copper of water body unattended for a long time.

Product features

  • Dilution function

    With automatic dilution function, it can measure high concentration water sample

  • Autocomplete

    With automatic and manual calibration function, the instrument can automatically complete the calibration work every day

  • Automatic recovery

    With automatic recovery function after power failure

  • Auto-Control

    It can automatically control the operation of water sampling by various pumps

  • Automatic protection

    It has the functions of instrument failure, no reagent, no water sample, value exceeding standard, automatic alarm and automatic protection

  • Continuous measurement

    Measurement methods can be set: interval measurement, continuous measurement, whole point measurement

  • Remote control

    All the functions of the instrument can be completed through the friendly man-machine interface on the touch screen, and it can be controlled remotely.

  • Storage duration

    The instrument can store more than one year's operation data

  • Easy to operate

    The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, long service life and low failure rate

  • Reliable operation

    Imported world brand electrical components and maintenance free sampling system ensure the long-term reliable operation of the instrument

  • Measurement stability

    AC modulation detection circuit and filtering algorithm improve the life and stability of the light source, and improve the measurement stability

Technical specifications

Model WAOL-7718
Measuring principle High temperature and high pressure digestion, malachite green colorimetry
Colorimeter 660nm
Measurement interval Programmable
Measuring time ¡Ü 40 minutes
Measuring range 0-0.5mg/l (expandable)
Measurement range 1ppm-99.9%
Accuracy ¡Ü5%
Detection limit 0.01mg/L
Repeatability ¡Ü5%
Signal output Standard 4-20mA analog output; RS232 / RS485
Call the police One high limit alarm and one system
Reagent replacement 4-5 weeks, depending on the operating temperature
Sample and scrap transportation No pressure; sample temperature; 10-30 ¡æ
Ambient temperature 5-40¡æ
Power Supply 50Hz 220V
Weight 50kg
Power 200W
Size 600mm¡Á600mm¡Á1600mm
Authentication CE

Application area

It can be widely used in water environment automatic monitoring station, waterworks, regional water boundary point, water quality analysis room, total chromium content monitoring of discharged wastewater and sewage, and water environment monitoring by environmental regulatory agencies at all levels.

Water environment monitoring station
Water environment monitoring station
Regional water boundary
Regional water boundary
Water quality analysis room
Water quality analysis room

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