BXR-666Antique element analyzer

Product introduction£º

Bxr-666 antique element analyzer provides users with a convenient and cost-effective detection technology. It does not need to probe the detection tool into the material of the sample to be tested, nor does it damage the sample to be tested, nor does it need to melt the sample or slight damage to obtain the chemical composition information of the sample antiques.

Compared with chemical reagent test method, XRF is a more rapid and economical method for multi-element analysis of antiques. The analyzer is a scientific instrument for the detection of antiquities. Chinese History Museum, collectors association and so on are users.

Product features

  • High resolution

    High definition camera, convenient operation

  • Fast and accurate

    Nondestructive, fast, accurate detection, user-friendly interface

  • Easy to use

    One key operation, sample composition analysis results

  • Innovation function

    Innovative function of testing plating samples

  • Beautiful appearance

    The fuselage structure is compact and strong, and the appearance is very beautiful, so it is suitable to be placed in the exhibition room

  • The results are accurate

    Within a few seconds of pressing the button, the precise results of the chemical composition of the sample can be obtained

  • Fast and convenient

    With PC and software, the certificate of test results can be made quickly and conveniently

  • Lighting

    Camera and cabin lighting system, real-time view of the sample test location, to know

  • Download and upload

    The analyzer test data can be downloaded and uploaded, and the network test results are easy to view and share

  • Protect users

    Reliable power over-current and short-circuit protection, reliable protection of users

  • Guaranteed use

    Automatic control test system, reliable guarantee customer use

Application area

It is used to determine the element composition of bronze, porcelain, gold and silver, iron and other elements.

Gold and silver ware
Gold and silver ware

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