ROHS2.0special detector

Product introduction£º

Rohs2.0 liquid chromatograph can provide fast analysis speed, high resolution, and keep the system low pressure to a great extent. Therefore, it retains the durability and working principle of conventional HPLC instruments and methods.

This design makes RRLC a general liquid analysis flow rate range, suitable for column size from 1 to 4.6-mm ID, column length from 10 to 300 mm, particle size from 1.5 to 10 ¦Ì M

Product features

Good degree of automation With automatic dilution function, it can measure high concentration water sample
Building block structure design The style is novel and the structure is reasonable
High performance variable wavelength UV Vis detector High detection sensitivity, extremely low noise and drift
New optical design, concave holographic grating, high stability
Wide wavelength range, multi wavelength time programming, full band pump stop scanning, the best detection wavelength can be selected
The data can be directly output through R232 interface
Long life, deuterium lamp more than 2000 hours
High precision constant temperature column box Large capacity, can accommodate manual injector and any two chromatographic columns (15cm, 25cm, 30cm)
Advanced low temperature control, suitable for low temperature separation of biological samples, etc.
High precision of temperature control, temperature display in working state, over temperature alarm and automatic power off function
Six way valve Universal six way valve injection, simple operation, low noise, accurate quantitative
P-101 high pressure pump The dual plunger reciprocating high-pressure pump has high-precision and steady flow performance; the pressure and corrosion-resistant imported gasket extends the service life; the patented pulsation buffer ensures the good effect of pulsation buffer; the software program control realizes the gradient elution of dual pumps
Small pulsation, wide flow range, continuous adjustable, good flow repeatability, easy solvent replacement
and so on Pressure detection and protection function, time and flow rate program control
Easy maintenance: the pump body is easy to clean, repair and maintain; the plunger rod and sealing ring are easy to replace; the plunger rod cleaning function is provided to avoid the abrasion caused by salt buffer solution deposition on the plunger rod
Chromatographic workstation All Chinese operation interface meets the needs of domestic users
The convenient and intuitive counter control function can easily control the pump and detector
With powerful data processing function, various quantitative algorithms can be realized
Spectrum comparison function
The curve correction function is easy to operate
Automation: the automation of the whole process from spectrum collection to report printing; it can save series of spectrum to file for easy management
Record the original data and related information of spectrogram, and follow GLP specification
The report output format can be designed by ourselves
The instrument information can be customized according to the requirements

Technical specifications

Index of high pressure infusion pump
Project Main technical specifications
Working pressure 0¡«42MPa
Flow range 0.01-15.0mL/min
Flow accuracy RSD£¼0.1%
Gradient range Equal gradient, binary gradient
Gradient accuracy ¡À1%
Column box index
Temperature range Electric refrigeration 5 ¡æ¡« 80 ¡æ (room temperature £¼ 25 ¡æ)
Control accuracy ¡À0.1¡æ
Two 15, 20, 25 and 30 cm long chromatographic columns can be installed in the column box at the same time
Index of UV-Vis detector
light source Deuterium lamp
Wavelength range 190-700nm
Band width 5nm
Wavelength indication error ¡À0.1nm
Wavelength accuracy ¡Ü0.2nm
Wavelength scanning Multi wavelength time programming (10 band)
Linear range £¾104
Noise £¼1¡Á10-5AU£¨Empty pool£©¡¢£¼1.5¡Á10-5AU£¨With mobile phase£©
Drift £¼3¡Á10-4AU£¨Empty pool£©¡¢ £¼3¡Á10-4AU£¨Empty pool£©
Pool volume 5¦ÌL
Minimum detection concentration 5¡Á10-9g/ml(Naphthalene£©

Application area

Product response instruction£º RoHS&WEEE Directive, ROHS 2.0 directive, halogen-free directive, reach regulation, EN71 directive, cp65, hr.4040, ASTM-F963, GS ZEK 01.4-08, 2012 / 48 / EU, EU 94-62-ec (Directive), GB / t17592 and other domestic and foreign directives.

Common organic substances in products£º Phthalates (PAEs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), azo dyes (azo), formaldehyde, bisphenol A (BPA), dimethyl fumarate (dmfu), short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs), dimethylformamide (dmfa), hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD), bromine (PBBs, PBDEs), chlorophenol, amino acids and other substances.

Medicine, Life Sciences New drug development and research, biological function analysis, quality management
Health and epidemic prevention Clinical analysis, biochemical index analysis, metabolite analysis, etc
Food Determination of nutrients, functional food research, pesticide residues, additives analysis
Chemical industry Functional research, quality management
Environmental analysis The monitoring of water quality, atmospheric environment, marine environment, indoor air, and the detection of various pollutants
Quality Supervision Commodity inspection, quality inspection, import and export inspection and quarantine
Teaching research Experiment, scientific research and teaching
Other areas Such as water, power plants, judicial, public security and other departments of sample testing

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