DE-8818Soil treatment analyzer

Product introduction£º
Olympus handheld soil monitor can quickly detect and analyze heavy metals and other elements in soil, and determine whether it meets the preset standards.

Product performance

1. Soil model can simultaneously test Pb, as, Cr, Cu, Ni, Zn, Mn, Hg, CD and other heavy metal elements, and the detection limit can reach mg / kg level (SiO2 matrix: Pb £¼ 5mg / kg, as £¼ 3mg / kg, Cr £¼ 15mg / kg, Cu £¼ 10mg / kg, Zn £¼ 2mg / kg, Ni £¼ 5mg / kg, Mn £¼ 10mg / kg, Hg £¼ 1mg / kg, CD £¼ 3mg / kg);
2. Detection and analysis time: 3-60 seconds (adjustable);
3. Repeatability: RSD & lt; 4%;
4. Excitation source: 50kV / 200uA, Ag target, end window integrated micro X-ray tube and high voltage power supply, matching power ¡Ü 4W;
5. Detector: 25mm2, 0.3mil, silicon drift detector, energy resolution up to 125ev, detector using electric refrigeration technology, no need for long time and frequent waiting for refrigeration, 4096 high channel MCA multi-channel analyzer;
6. Processor and memory: CPU: 667mhz, memory: 256M, expandable to 32g;
7. Screen display: a new 3.5-inch semi transparent and semi trans LCD touch screen with a resolution of 800 * 600. The screen can rotate 360 degrees to cope with the data observation under the strong light of field test;
8. Collimation and filter system: 6 kinds of filters and collimator up to 18 kinds of combination automatic switching;
9. Software analysis mode: soil analysis mode, water quality analysis mode and other analysis modes can be added;
10. It can automatically store the test results, including the type and content of elements, and whether they exceed the standard or not. More than 10000 groups of data and atlas can be stored, and the capacity can be expanded by memory card. The test report can be exported in Excel, BMP, PDF and other formats;
11. Data transmission and processing: the instrument can be transmitted to the computer through USB cable, and can be used synchronously with the computer screen;
12. Power on password protection, set up two levels of operation authority of operator and administrator, and set up a sample sensing device in the front of the instrument, with the function of automatically cutting off the X-ray source during aerial measurement, to ensure the safety of users;
13. Micro X-ray tube integrated packaging, X-ray radiation dose when the instrument is working & lt; 1 ¦Ì SV / h (provide CNAs certification third-party test report), can be equipped with lead rubber cover to ensure loose samples and small samples test;
14. Automatic statistical function of analysis data: automatic statistics of large value, small value and standard deviation for multiple tests;
15. Test time control mode: it has trigger control and software control mode to operate the instrument, and can also realize USB and computer connection operation and other modes;
16. Battery: rechargeable lithium battery, capacity 7800 MAH, fully charged, can be used continuously for more than 8 hours, the instrument has power display function;
17. Calibration: equipped with standard calibration piece, test after energy calibration;
18. Integrated embedded software, multi language switching, windows industrial operating system, no other software can be used for data transmission, professional software function, can realize the spectrum comparison, zoom in and zoom out and export function, at the same time, can calculate the total characteristic energy of each element independently, at the same time, can set fixed test report template according to customer requirements, can output standard directly Format test report, through the printer can realize the timeliness of field data;
19. The mass of the instrument is 1.8kg (including battery);
20. Working environment adaptability: humidity - 20 ¡æ ~ + 50 ¡æ, relative humidity < 90%;

Application area

The instrument can quickly detect and analyze heavy metals in soil and sewage, and determine whether it meets the preset standards.

Detection of heavy metals in soil
Detection of heavy metals in soil
Detection of heavy metals in sewage
Detection of heavy metals in sewage

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