BXR-686Precious metal analyzer

Product introduction£º

Bxr-686 precious metal analyzer is a precision instrument for analyzing the composition of precious metals, including chemical damage analysis instrument and physical non-destructive analysis instrument.

In view of the expensive price of precious metal itself, it can not easily damage its shape, so chemical damage detector is not often used in the jewelry industry. The rapid and non-destructive detector is widely used in jewelry testing industry.

Product features

  • High resolution

    Clear camera, super convenient operation, super fast detection speed, super human interface

  • Easy to use

    With one key operation, the analysis of carat grade and composition can be obtained

  • Innovation function

    It helps to identify the innovative functions of gold-plated samples

  • Beautiful appearance

    The fuselage structure is compact and strong, and the appearance is beautiful

  • Rapid detection

    Rapid nondestructive analysis of samples

  • Fast and convenient

    Using PC and software, the test certificate of sample can be made quickly and conveniently

  • Lighting

    Through the camera and cabin lighting system, the test position of the sample can be seen in real time

  • Download and upload

    The test data can be downloaded and uploaded to the network, and the test results are easy to view and share

  • Efficient

    Multi language operating system

  • Safe and reliable

    X-ray protection lock, only in the closed state will test work, safe and reliable protection personnel use

Technical specifications

Detector American Amptek Si PIN / SDD (optional) detector, high efficiency pulse analysis system
High-voltage power supply American Spellman 50W (50kV / MA)
X-ray tube 50W side window X-ray tube
Measuring time 30-100S
Scope of analysis 1ppm-100%
Sample cavity size 310¡Á280¡Á60£¨mm£©
Accuracy of analysis RSD¡Ü0.05% Au¡Ý90%
Working temperature 10-30¡æ
Power requirements AC220v¡À5v,50/60Hz
Test elements Au Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Cd Sn Pb Ag

Application area

It is used in jewelry manufacturing, jewelry recycling, pawnbroking, refining industry, quality and technical supervision, cash and gold exchange, retail industry and other industries.

Jewelry manufacturing
Jewelry manufacturing
Jewelry recycling
Jewelry recycling
Refining industry
Refining industry
Quality and technical supervision
Quality and technical supervision
Cash and gold exchange
Cash and gold exchange

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