BXR-626Coating thickness gauge

Product introduction

Bxr-626 series X-ray fluorescence coating thickness gauge adopts X-ray fluorescence analysis technology, which can measure the thickness of various metal coatings, including single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer and alloy coatings, and can measure the composition concentration of electroplating solution.

It can detect the thickness of common metal coatings without sample pretreatment; the analysis time is short, only tens of seconds; the dynamic range of analysis and measurement is wide, from 0.005 m to 60 M.

Product features

  • Fashion and elegance

    Streamline design is selected for the appearance of the instrument

  • Simultaneous analysis

    From sulfur (s) to uranium (U) in the periodic table

  • Up to 24 elements

    It can analyze 5 layers of coating and 24 kinds of elements at one time

  • Nondestructive testing

    No complex sample pretreatment process is required

  • Detection limit energy

    The detection limit can reach 2ppm

  • Analysis and measurement

    Wide dynamic range from 0.005 m to 60 M

  • High resolution

    Advanced detector, high energy resolution

  • Stable and reliable

    Using advanced amp, the processing speed is fast and the precision is high

  • Control display

    The X-ray tube is excited by positive high pressure, and the excitation and test conditions are controlled and displayed by computer software

  • Accurate observation

    The color camera is used to observe and shoot the sample accurately

  • Accurate and convenient

    The x-y-z movement can be carried out by using the electrodeless control sample platform

  • Accurate positioning

    Double laser focusing system is used to locate the measuring position accurately

  • Good sensor

    Height sensor

  • Effective protection

    Protect the sensor, effectively protect the detector

  • Good stability

    Low failure rate

  • Triple protection

    Multi layer shielding protection of concealed design, software and hardware triple radiation protection system

Technical specifications

X-Y-Z sample platform mobile device The x-y-z sample platform of bxr-626 series X-ray fluorescence coating thickness gauge adopts an electric mobile device and has a large sample chamber which can accommodate various shapes of coating samples and electroplating liquid samples. It is easy to use
X-ray tube excitation system The excitation system is designed with orthorhombic optical structure. High voltage generator: the voltage and current are automatically controlled and displayed by software. The maximum power is 50 W. Voltage 0-50 kV, current 0-1000 UA. 8 hours stability 0.05%. Long life X-ray tube: the X-ray tube with low power, natural cooling, high life and advanced level is adopted, and the index reaches the advanced level. The maximum power is 50W, the pipe pressure is 5-50kv, and the pipe current is 0-1000ua
High resolution detector system Imported original electric refrigeration detector, good energy linearity, energy resolution and spectral characteristics, high peak to back ratio. The best resolution is 149ev 5ev
Electronic system of energy spectrometer Original import preamplifier and amplifier signal processor: adapt to high count rate, high anti-interference ability of integrated electronic circuit. The analog-to-digital converter adopts 2048 channels with high precision
Computer analysis system Brand computer; high resolution color LCD. Ink jet printer
Systems software XRF analysis software, including empirical coefficient method, basic parameter method (FP method), theoretical coefficient method and other classical analysis methods, fully ensures the accuracy of single layer, double layer, multi-layer, alloy coating test data
Power Supply AC 220V240V50Hz  Rated power: 120W. Selection of high precision parameter regulated power supply

Application area

Industrial coatings of plastic products, coatings of electronic materials (connectors, semiconductors, circuit boards, capacitors, etc.), coatings of iron and steel materials (iron, cast iron, stainless steel, low alloy, surface treated steel plate, etc.), coatings of non-ferrous metal materials (copper alloy, aluminum alloy, lead alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, precious metal, etc.) Thickness measurement and composition analysis of other coatings.

Plastics industry
Plastics industry
Electronic materials
Electronic materials
Ferrous material
Ferrous material
Non ferrous materials
Non ferrous materials

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