BXR-606 BXR-606B Series

BXR-606 BXR-606B SeriesRoHS halogen free analyzer

Product introduction£º

1. The original electric cooled high-performance Si PIN detector has high resolution and wide detection range, covering the basic requirements of RoHS, halogen, coating, alloy (including precious metals) and various conventional material analysis.

2. The advanced DPP digital multi-channel signal integrated processor has better performance than the ordinary analog multi-channel signal processor, especially in high count rate with high resolution (such as Hg and CI). The data transmission speed up to 80MHz shortens the analysis time, especially in measurement repeatability and long-term stability.

3. The built-in HD camera system can clearly observe the sample and accurately locate the sample test area.

4. Supporting FP measurement software, integrating a variety of spectrum processing algorithms and matrix correction algorithms, effectively reducing various interference peaks in instrument measurement, making the detection results of low content and trace elements closer to the accuracy and closer to the true value level.

Product features

  • Meet at the same time

    Analysis of RoHS, halogen, coating, alloy and other materials

  • Mature technology

    Follow the mature X-ray fluorescence technology

  • Integrated FP method

    Integrated FP method, alpha coefficient method and empirical coefficient method

  • Various reports

    It can generate all kinds of humanized test reports

  • Convenient design

    Design of combination of software and hardware

  • It is easy to operate

    One click operation design

  • Automatic setting

    Intelligent software can set parameters and filters automatically

  • Fast and lossless

    Analysis Sample

  • Multilingual

    Operating system

  • Over temperature protection

    Overload protection

  • The structure is simple

    No consumables required

Technical specifications

Detector Amptek Si PIN detector, high speed pulse analysis system
High-voltage power supply Spellman 50w£¨50kv/MA£©
X-ray tube 50W side window beryllium window X-ray tube
Energy resolution 149ev
Scope of element analysis Sulfur£¨S£©-uranium£¨U£©
Measuring time 60-300S
Measurement range 1ppm-99.9%
AC 220 V power supply equipment 1kVA AC purification regulated power supply
Working temperature 10-30¡ãC
Measurement conditions Atmospheric environment

Standard configuration

Standard configuration

Application area

RoHS, halogen-free testing of electronic and electrical appliances, metal stamping, packaging plastics and other products.

Electronic appliances
Electronic appliances
Hardware stamping
Hardware stamping
Packaging plastics
Packaging plastics

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