Scheme introduction

The instrument solution is introduced in detail

Atmospheric heavy metal on-line analyzer is a dual function fully automatic on-line analysis instrument independently developed by bosun instrument. It innovatively combines the patented technologies - X-ray fluorescence (XRF) nondestructive testing technology, ¦Â - ray absorption testing technology and air particulate matter automatic enrichment technology, and conforms to the U.S. EPA io-3.3 standard method. It can not only monitor the mass concentration of air particles, but also quantitatively analyze the elements in the particles. The instrument has a detection limit of 10 pg / m3, which is in the world's advanced level. It can be widely used in air quality monitoring, pollution traceability and source analysis, environmental assessment and other fields.

Product features£º

More than 32 elements such as lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, arsenic and copper can be detected at the same time, and the detection limit can reach ng / m3 level

TSP, PM10, or PM2.5 particle cutters can be used to measure the distribution of heavy metal particles in different dynamic diameters

Non destructive testing, samples can be stored, in addition to the filter membrane, no other reagents or consumables

The operation of the instrument is reliable and stable. The instrument adopts anti radiation treatment, and there is no radiation leakage during measurement. It has intelligent automatic alarm and fault diagnosis

With RS232 / 485, USB, GPRS, ADSL, Ethernet and other data transmission methods, the data meets the environmental protection online automatic monitoring data transmission standard, and can be customized to expand the user-defined functions

Technology application£º

Combined with the atmospheric station detection equipment, provide complete atmospheric (air) environmental quality monitoring data

Real time continuous monitoring of heavy metals in the atmosphere to judge the environmental pollution of heavy metals

Sensitive source analysis of harmful heavy metals, pollution source location, traceability

The characteristics of airborne particles were analyzed to realize the prediction and early warning of harmful heavy metal pollution

Environmental assessment and permission are carried out through atmospheric background measurement.

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