Scheme introduction

The instrument solution is introduced in detail

It is a cost-effective quality control tool for the analysis of metal, non-metal or material surface coating. It can increase production efficiency, reduce parts waste and reduce production cost.

X-ray microanalysis technology can quickly scan and detect small objects through the automatic sample stage with high position accuracy and high sensitivity. It can also accurately measure the small specific parts of electronic substrate and other materials.

Innovative technology£º

1. The international leading X-ray micro focusing technology can reduce the test X-ray spot to 50um, and can measure the coating thickness of micro plating parts or different parts of the same plating part to determine the coating uniformity and thickness distribution

2. High definition dual optical auxiliary camera system, easy to determine the micro test area

3. The full-automatic x, y, Z three-axis three-dimensional sample measuring platform and laser focusing system with positioning accuracy ¡Ü 0.01mm ensure the accurate focusing of small areas and realize the rapid and accurate measurement of samples./p>

4. The intelligent analysis software can process the optical image of the sample, measure the detection position continuously and automatically, judge the scanning area of large-size sample automatically, and the film FP method can make the analysis of coating and multilayer film more convenient and accurate.

5. The four collimators of ¦µ 0.05mm, ¦µ 0.5mm, ¦µ 2mm and ¦µ 4mm are switched automatically, which can not only meet the accurate measurement of small samples, but also realize the accurate measurement of conventional samples.

Scope of application£º

Industrial anticorrosive coatings, decorative coatings, functional coatings for electronic devices, coatings with optimized mechanical properties, film analysis

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