Scheme introduction

The instrument solution is introduced in detail

1. Project overview

The integrated monitoring system of rainwater drainage can be applied to the on-line monitoring and management of the water quality at the centralized rainwater outlet of enterprises. The monitoring system consists of sampling pretreatment system, monitoring equipment, emission control system and data transmission system.

The system periodically detects the water quality of the rainwater collection pool of the enterprise, and sends the monitoring results to the central management platform. The central management platform has the functions of real-time monitoring, abnormal alarm, remote control, data management, report management, emergency plan, information management and system management. The system can effectively monitor the water quality of rainwater pipe network, identify whether there is sewage mixed into the rainwater pipe, monitor the water quality and quantity of rainwater collection pool, and provide strong technical support for the supervision of rainwater and sewage discharge in the park.

2. Monitoring factors

General parameters: pH value, conductivity, etc., which can be configured according to user's needs.

The main pollutants of sewage are COD and TP

The enterprise rainwater is collected to the enterprise rainwater collection pool through the special rainwater pipeline, and the rainwater flow is monitored at the main outlet of the rainwater collection pool.

The monitoring system controls the sampling unit to lead the water sample into the monitoring room, and starts to monitor the COD, pH, conductivity and other conventional parameters of water quality. The standard rainwater is discharged into the municipal rainwater pipe network through the electric control valve. Once the standard electric control valve is closed, the rainwater is forbidden to be discharged into the municipal rainwater pipe network, and the standard rainwater is pumped into the enterprise sewage treatment system through the water pump for treatment, and then discharged into the municipal sewage pipe network after reaching the standard. At the same time, all the monitoring data are collected by the data acquisition unit and then transmitted to the enterprise monitoring center or the Environmental Protection Bureau by the transmission equipment, so as to complete the automatic, real-time and continuous monitoring of rainwater discharge.


Figure 1 & nbsp; composition of rainwater drainage monitoring system


Figure 2 & nbsp; schematic diagram of automatic rainwater monitoring room (side view)


Figure 3 & nbsp; schematic diagram of automatic rainwater monitoring (top view)


Figure 4 logic diagram of rainwater separation

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