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The instrument solution is introduced in detail

Save analysis time, improve analysis ability, enhance economic benefits

Boxun Olympus handheld fluorescence analyzer is a special tool for cement, steel, ceramics and other furnace process analysis and material analysis in the production process. It analyzes raw materials, accessories, additives and final products. The combination of wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) technology and secondary target technology makes < span > Olympus < / span > an ideal tool for quality control in the production process of cement, steel and ceramics. Provide customers with unparalleled analytical performance, speed and stability.

Excellent performance£º

Provide fast and accurate detection, and the instrument has high stability

Comply with ISO standards for cement, steel and ceramics

Standard samples can be configured according to customer requirements

Five value added services£º

1. Customized solutions

According to customer requirements and specific technical indicators, the overall detection system solutions (including hardware and software and peripheral equipment) are customized

2. Expert spectrum interpretation service

Bosun sent experts to provide customers with one year's analysis, interpretation, comparison and identification services of difficult and high-risk material atlas

3. Work curve customization service

In addition to the test curve included in the product itself, customers can customize their own test sample working curve

4. Extended warranty service

5. Joint development services

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