What is RoHS?

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Metal material needs to test four kinds of harmful metal elements such as (Cd cadmium /Pb lead /Hg mercury /Cr6+ six valence chromium)

In addition to checking these four harmful heavy metal elements, the plastic material needs to be tested for brominated flame retardants (polybrominated biphenyl PBB/ polybrominated two bulky ether PBDE)

At the same time, the packaging materials of different materials should also be tested for heavy metals in packaging materials (94/62/EEC).

Below is the upper limit concentration for six kinds of harmful substances in RoHS:

Cadmium: less than 100ppm
Lead: less than 1000ppm
Less than 3500ppm in steel alloy
Less than 4000ppm in aluminum alloy
Less than 40000ppm in copper alloy
Mercury: less than 1000ppm
Six valence chromium: less than 1000ppm
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